What People Say

Quotes and testimonials from people who have benefitted from this work.


Meditation Classes

“Kristina’s meditations are magical, her visualisations feel out of this world, they are mythical, colourful and full of wonder. Kristina’s work is uplifting and pure. There is also something else that makes her work very unique, she is one of these people that are not lead by their ego when they are doing this work. Her love and her inspiration are leading her. Thank you Kristina!”Konstandina Polychronopoulou, Psychotherapist

“I absolutely love Kristina’s meditations, they’re a real highlight of my week and somehow always hit just the right note for whatever I feel or need in that moment. I leave each time feeling ever more grounded, peaceful, loving, open and empowered to live my truth.” Helen

“This class really makes a difference to my week. It is only an hour but an amazing hour.” E.G.

“Meditation has been the most generous and kindest gift I have given myself in a long time. I leave each class renewed and refreshed, with a sense of clarity and purpose. In real life, the benefits began flowing immediately into my approach to work and love and life. Kristina offers a beautiful, warm and welcoming environment to practice in and is an inspiring teacher.” R.C.C.

“I can honestly say that my first meditation with you was one of the best experiences of my life – I experienced things and saw things I had never seen before!” Arianne

“I feel very at peace and energised at the same time.” G.L.

“With a hectic life as a busy mother of 3, my meditation class is a much needed part of my week. I look forward to an hour of stillness and peace.” A.G.

“Kristina’s meditation classes are very accessible and rewarding. She is a lovely, warm person that creates a relaxing space to take you on her guided visualisations. With calm surroundings and beautiful imagery it’s incredibly easy to drift away from the stresses of modern life and re-connect with the inner self and simple concept of inner peace, which can so easily get lost in a busy life. The classes are one of the few moments in my week where I can stop, breathe and re-centre. Having now been to a few sessions I find it much easier to tap into that place of calm in my everyday life. I’m very grateful for these rare moments of peace within this hectic city and would happily recommend Kristina’s classes to anyone. In fact I have done to several friends!” R.W.

“I just wanted to send a quick message to say thanks so much for the meditation session. It was amazing to be able to switch off. I have suffered quite badly with depression and I can honestly say that was far more healing than any therapy the NHS has ever offered me.” M.H.

Munay Ki Rites

“Beautiful sister, Thank you so much for encouraging me to receive the rites. I am shocked at the transformation that is occurring so rapidly. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing.”

“I feel SO GOOD Kristina! Honestly, I feel positively aligned again. Feeding the seeds has helped me get into the routine of meditating (almost) daily. Receiving each rite was so beautiful! Each rite had magic of its own. I can’t wait to pass the rites on as well. It was an honour to receive the rites from you, especially when you welcomed us all with warmth and love.”

“I am enjoying these rites very much and am constantly reading about them. The dreams I am having are the most vivid I have ever experienced X full of animals and those who are close to me. Sometimes I have gone to bed early just to have the next dream. Really looking forward to receiving next rites.”

“You hold the space so beautifully and are amazing giver of the seeds. Something has definitely shifted inside me by Muney ki rites. I felt held and blessed. My perception has changed and I see more clearly and t connects me to nature and earth more.. I also feel more present in my day to day life and more accepting of my self and the things that I cant change. I so love my new habit of feeding seeds. Thank you Kris.”

“Our first session was incredible, I felt so alive and wired afterwards I was buzzing and could hardly sleep at all that night. Feeling very calm, confident and present since – wonderful!”


“Thank you for the guided Cacao meditation circle on Sunday. I had felt drawn to joining this and am very glad that I did. The meditations themselves were very beneficial- I didn’t realise that the time passed so quickly. At the end I felt quite emotional but in a very good way. The feeling of a tenderness and beauty I cannot put into words touched my heart. My silent tears were of a new kind of joy.”

“For the rest of the day I felt a very deep peace. That was exceptional.”

“Really enjoyed the cacao circle, cried a bit and danced with joy. Felt so much love for everyone. Loving energy all around.”

“I still feel the warmth and the subtle joy from yesterday. Bless you for that!”

“Thank you for your wonderful ceremony! I’ve had so much going on after that and it’s been so transformative. Feeling like things are moving to the right direction.”

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for facilitating a truly beautiful cacao circle yesterday – so very heart opening & special.”

“My afternoon with Kristina our host and angel at the cacao Equinox ceremony, has been a beautiful and deeply profound experience, honestly! I’m still processing 2 days later and feel so immensely grateful to be doing this work with such a loving and authentic guide. My heart feels ridiculously alive and vital which is phenomenal as it’s been for a long time a heart that’s been sad, hurt and terrified and had given all its power and will away to my head. No longer!I feel right now that I’m living and walking to a different beat, my heart is now hopeful and confident again about the direction and needs it has. I’m blown away and feel astounded by the shift.”