Munay-Ki Rites

Open and deepen your shamanic path connecting with the intelligence of Gaia.


Munay-ki is a series of 9 rites, these are gifts from the Ancient Ones to humanity at this pivotal moment in our evolution.

These energy transmissions originate in Tibet and have been passed through the ages to shamans, priests and Wisdom keepers. Munay-ki re-emerged in the Andes and has now become accessible to the West in the last decade.

Recipients experience this transference of energy through a ritual using the tools of breath and prayer. These gifts into the individual’s energy field are a resource of Spirit which strengthens ones connection to the Earth increasing vision, ability to heal, to ground and to protect oneself and others.

Deepen and open your shamanic path receiving this series of sacred energy rites, forging alliance with the resource of the spiritual allies available to us all and expanding your spiritual tool kit.

The Nine Rites:

  • The Healers Rite
  • The Bands of Power
  • The Harmony Rite
  • The Seers Rite
  • The Day Keepers Rite
  • The Wisdom Keepers Rite
  • The Earth Keepers Rite
  • The Star Keepers Rite
  • The Creator Rite

You will also receive practical tuition on how to pass these rites forward. The sessions take the form of sacred ritual and are limited to a small number of participants due to the 1 on 1 work involved.

As Reiki attunes us to celestial energies, the Munay Ki Rites align and reconnect us to the re-emerging wisdom of Earth. This is beautiful ancient wisdom which has only become available to us all in the last decade during these pivotal times.

The Munay Ki Rites provide us with the potential to:

  • receive tools which increase your ability to heal yourself and others
  • strengthen your ability to see
  • deepen your Earth and Star connection
  • strengthen your energy field resilience
  • align you with wisdom and energies of the ancient Wisdom Keepers and Earth Keepers

What People Say

Quotes and testimonials from people who have benefitted from this work

The bands of power have been an effective tool to keep me grounded during some testing times. The Star Keepers Rite was especially beautiful to receive and practice. I definitely received a lot from this course and feel like it opened me up in many ways.

These were some magical evenings Kristina. Thank you for holding space for us. I really looked forward to these evenings where it felt like time would slow down once I’d enter the space. I loved the opening to each course, the cleansing/smudging, short meditation and group share. I found it all very nurturing.

I am enjoying these rites very much and am constantly reading about them. The dreams I am having are the most vivid I have ever experienced X full of animals and those who are close to me. Sometimes I have gone to bed early just to have the next dream. Really looking forward to receiving next rites.

I feel SO GOOD Kristina! Honestly, I feel positively aligned again. Feeding the seeds has helped me get into the routine of meditating (almost) daily. Receiving each rite was so beautiful! Each rite had magic of its own. I can’t wait to pass the rites on as well. It was an honour to receive the rites from you, especially when you welcomed us all with warmth and love.