Ceremony & Circles

Rituals, Rites of Passage, Ceremony and Circles.

Ceremony & Circles

Ceremony; ritual acknowledging the presence of the Sacred – Charles Eisenstein

We’re all yearning to bring the wonder back into our lives.  Rituals of intention, acknowledging new chapters in life, and using the power of focussed prayer to create have all been long forgotten, however this ancient memory is now stirring and awakening within the collective field of possibility.

Church feels like old energy; it’s time to honour the power of our planet and align with this omnipotent source of energy and life force to manifest new energy and reality into our lives.

This aspect of my work has evolved organically as people come to me asking for ritual to mark chapters, release the old and create the new.

Over the last year I’ve been honoured to hold ceremony for wedding blessings, antenatal mother baby bonding in preparation for birth, baby blessings, death rituals to guide the soul to fly free/ pass over with ease and grace, and ritual to mark the beginning of a new chapter for a company.

I’ve also work with people privately with rituals to call in the right partner, cord cutting to release old relationships, empowerment rituals to support the participant to move into greater trust and right relationship with Self.

Feeling ready to create something new? Join with me now.

What People Say

Quotes and testimonials from people who have benefitted from this work

The bands of power have been an effective tool to keep me grounded during some testing times. The Star Keepers Rite was especially beautiful to receive and practice. I definitely received a lot from this course and feel like it opened me up in many ways.

These were some magical evenings Kristina. Thank you for holding space for us. I really looked forward to these evenings where it felt like time would slow down once I’d enter the space. I loved the opening to each course, the cleansing/smudging, short meditation and group share. I found it all very nurturing.

I am enjoying these rites very much and am constantly reading about them. The dreams I am having are the most vivid I have ever experienced X full of animals and those who are close to me. Sometimes I have gone to bed early just to have the next dream. Really looking forward to receiving next rites.

I feel SO GOOD Kristina! Honestly, I feel positively aligned again. Feeding the seeds has helped me get into the routine of meditating (almost) daily. Receiving each rite was so beautiful! Each rite had magic of its own. I can’t wait to pass the rites on as well. It was an honour to receive the rites from you, especially when you welcomed us all with warmth and love.