Audio Journeys

Short and effective tools which guide you to align and move into a state of balance.


I have created this set of audio journeys to guide you into a space of peace, strength and empowerment. Focussing on different qualities and strengths, these short and effective exercises guide you to align and into a place of positivity and peace.

Future Self (15mins 16secs)

Connecting to future self, creating vision for your goals. Pyramid. Empowerment, amplifying the feeling, Future Self – fuelling vision, receiving heart energy, wisdom and will. Merging.

Work with this track to pre-vision and call in the qualities and strengths you need to walk your Highest Path. To experience more confidence and self-belief. Allow yourself to be guided to a still and positive space within to align your heart, knowing and will so you can create the future you want in the present time.

Red: Grounding and earthing (10mins 52secs)

Now more than ever it is time to re-connect to the wisdom and resource of our planet. As electrical devices need to be earthed so that their energy circuits flow, so do human beings. Use this track to feel more present, here and now in your body, rather than stuck in the mental loops of the mind.